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Automotive & transponder keys

Keep your car safe

With the number of car thefts sky-rocketing across the state, it’s more important than ever to make sure your precious vehicle is well protected.  

And while you might be worried about your vehicle security - after all, how will your day-to-day life be affected if it was to be stolen? - there are other considerations, such as accidental damage to your key or the ignition of your car.

Of course, most new model vehicles use a transponder key to provide a first line of defence against car break-ins; these are becoming more and more popular. 

Our friendly team is on hand to help with any automotive and transponder key issue you might face.  Highly trained and experienced, our locksmiths are able to get you back on the road quickly, easily and without damage to your vehicle!

Specialising in traditional automotive keys as well as transponder keys, Warrnambool Locksmiths service Warrnambool & District & South West Victoria Portland, Hamilton, Camperdown, Port Campbell & surrounding areas.

Automotive and transponder key services include:

  • Emergency and mobile service
  • Replacement of car locks, keys and key chips
  • Remove broken keys from door or ignition locks
  • Repair of lock barrels
  • Reprogramming of automatic locking units
  • Rescue and reopening of vehicles with keys locked inside